Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meet Duet

Duet is my newest Doll. I had planned on having her out as a pattern before Christmas but Life got in the way! My Duet is a 'Sewing Fairy' and has a basket full of sewing items. She hangs from the ceiling in my studio. She is one of my favorites. The pictures of her are not great and will be done right when her pattern is put together. I have so many ideas on different things to put in her basket that I will probably have Duet's hanging all over my house!! LOL


Sharon-NZ said...

I would love one to hang in my craft room, shes awesome.


Cheryl said...

myShelley, she is wonderful. I'll be buying her pattern.

Yvette said...

She is fantastic! What a wonderful idea and will be a great pattern!

Terry said...

Welcome to Blogland, Shelley. I'm pretty new at blogging, too and find it's not as difficult as I thought. Now if I can just find time to post!! Your blog looks great! I LOVE "Duet". She'll be a wonderful doll to make as are all your patterns. Looking forward to being able to purchase the pattern soon.

Shashi Nayagam said...

She is lovely and I am sure the pattern will do well.

creativedawn said...

Hi Shelly
I love your dolls....and welcome to blogging...been doing it myself for about a year. It is fun when I have something finished! lol... I signed up as a follower so I will come here often to see what you are up to, okay?
Pam aka