Sunday, December 14, 2008

'Mother Earth'

Well, 'Mother Earth' is complete and I am working on the pattern for her. I was going to take pictures of her yesterday but the gloomy day didn't help me out with the good natural light that I need so I'll try again today. I have to admit that so far she is my favorite doll. I know that I was drawn to make her and now I can see why. She fills me with joy every time I look at her. It's funny too that she is the only doll that had not named herself. I got a very strong feeling that 'Mother Earth' was the right name. I know that sounds really weird but for all of my other dolls that I have ever made they usually have a name before I even start making them. This name will stick with me until they are complete and I never forget it. Normally I will wake up with an idea and a name at the same time and I have to go make it or at least write it down and sketch the outline of the doll. She will be the first of four. Next will be 'Wind' which is my favorite element. But first I've got to get the pattern done and out of my head. I will let everyone know when it's complete.

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