Saturday, January 17, 2009

Best Parents EVER!!

I may not have a job, but I do have the best family that ever lived. My Mom and Dad got me this beautiful new sewing machine today. I'm sure you all know how happy I am right now!!


Sharon-NZ said...

That is so fantastic, wow fantastic parents you have, and now you can show up more of your fabulous creations, Yipeee

Nita Butler said...

Yes Shelley, fantastic parents indeed! I recently bought a Brother machine and I love it! I am sure you will enjoy many hours of sewing on it and the results will be wonderful!


Anonymous said...

I hope you are enjoying your new machine!! I recently received a new one as well from my husband, and it is an absolute dream! No more clunking along, or broken thrieads, or bobbins eating the fabric. Fabulous! Have fun, and I am looking forward to seeing the results. :o)
Hugs, Bonnie