Thursday, January 08, 2009

Necessary Tools

While I was impatiently waiting for some embellishing to dry on my new class doll I realized how much I use these tools and that most people probably don't realize how they can be used and what a difference they can make.The powdered eyeshadow can be used over colored pencil to soften the look or instead of to color the eye. The black is great for shadowing the eyes. This all can be done using pastels too but I bought these at the .99 cent store! So I vote for the cheap eyeshadow :) The blush is used for blush and for lip color. The two old nasty looking paint brushes are probably the tools I use the most. Both are stiff and dry. The smaller one is great for adding detail and the bigger one is perfect for adding shading. I also like to use powder foundation for shading instead of pencil. I always though that I was the only one that used these tools and I was kind of embarrassed about it but then I saw a video on Antonette Cely using the same tools! How cool is that?

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