Friday, February 06, 2009

Sorry!! :(

For those of you that follow my blog I do have to apologize. I have not posted in way too long. For a full week and a half I was very sick and didn't care about doing anything Not even dolls!! My husband says, 'I know you're sick when you don't want to make your dolls'. That's the truth. Anyway, I personally don't get too interested in just reading someones blog. I love to look at the pictures and if something catches my eye then I will read about it. Unfortunately my camera has not be working really well. Everything is coming out blurry soooooooo even though I am no longer sick I do not have any pictures to share.

I have decided to 'step out of the box' a little. First of all I was inspired to make a doll for a new friends son. She is an Art Doll called 'Jady's Shadow'. She's kind of dark and you all know that I am not that way so she was different. I am also working on a new Vintage style doll. Her name is Sarah and she looks like a vintage portrait doll. Her body is the same as my Mama doll but she has grown up arms and legs. I will make one more doll from this pattern with 'New baby' features and then I will be releasing the pattern with the option of making the three different dolls with the price of one pattern. BUT the pattern will be $15.00 instead of my usual $10.00 because of the amount of paper that will be used to make it.

Sarah's face is more complex than Mama dolls and I will make a more simple face on the third and last doll so that everyone will be able to do at least one of them.
Stay tuned!!

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creativedawn said...

Well it is perfectly understandable that you did not want to play or write or anything but get better . . . glad you are feeling better! I look forward to the camera recovery . . . lol. love the pictures of your work!