Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tooooo much too do!!!

So much has happened since my last entry but I'm just too tired to really go into it all. Grandmas health has been back and forth and her dementia is sometimes off the charts. I've had to put labels on her bedroom door and the bathroom so she knows how to get there. She wants so badly to be of help and it's so much harder to let her help than to just say no thank you. Each day she does the dishes and each day we have to laugh about where we find them. Of course she doesn't know that we're laughing about it. The alternatives to laughing are just to sad and depressing to deal with. We were able to leave her with my Aunt while we went camping last weekend. She was happy to be home but had forgotten where everything was again. That's when I decided to make labels for the doors. I am fortunate to have wonderful friends and a supportive family behind me. I also have the worlds best husband. The hardest part of having her is that she doesn't want to do anything. No kind of craft appeals to her, TV is out and reading has been out too until we went to the library today and I got her a Large print Nora Roberts book. She seems to be interested 'Thank God!!'

I want so badly to work on my baby doll for the challenge and my new doll class coming up but the days are just not long enough and I'm just so tired all the time.

Tomorrow I'll take her to visit my parents while I work in their yard. This gives us each time away from each other plus I get some time in the sun working which is something I love.

Right now I am working on a large dog sweater, a Haywain dress for a party for myself, a matching Haywain shirt for my husband, my baby doll and my class which is three dolls using the same pattern. Is it any wonder I'm so tired????

The pictures are of Grandma with her new library book and my oldest daughters step son working Grandma's puzzle with my husband Steve.

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Ree said...

I so love these pictures!
I have told you this many times, but I have to say again......
I ADMIRE YOU beyond belief!!!
I hope you have a beautiful time in the yard and remember at some point while tinkering outside to close those eyes, tilt your head up to the sun, and take in that big beautiful deep inhale of life!
Love you! Xoxoxxx Ree