Monday, June 15, 2009


Today I will be launching my new venture, 'PupWare'. I have had so many comments and compliments on the Puppy clothes that I made that I decided (with the help of my friends) to make it part of my 'Abra Creations' business. After making outfits for 'Tink' and seeing her VERY positive reaction to them, I am inspired to move forward. She is soooo CUTE!! Every time we put one of her new outfits on she would prance over and get into her 'Princess Bed' and pose for everyone to see how beautiful she is ")

She loves the clothes and the bed so I will offer 'PupWare' on my website
The outfit she is wearing here in the photo was made for a 'Crazy Hawaiian' party we did with our camping group. She was the hit of the party!!

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sammypancakes said...

oh my goodness!! too flippin cute!! and the puppy is adorable!