Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crochet and Soccer

When my daughters were each four years old we got them playing soccer. Well after a few years they were both very good so they were excepted on 'Hotspurs' which is a more skilled set of players. We literally spent all weekend and four week nights on a soccer field until they were sixteen years old. While sitting on the sidelines I have to be doing something so I would crochet. I'm not good! and I have no idea how to follow a pattern. Weeelllllllll.... One of the girls Mothers saw me crocheting all the time and asked if I could do her a hugh favor. It turns out that her Mother had made a crochet blanket for everyone in her family. Unfortunately by the time hers was being made her Mother died. She was left with a blanket that had been started with just four rows and a sheet of hand written instructions. She asked me if I could finish it for her. This is the result. I can not take credit for the first four rows.


barb shillinger said...

Wonderful job! I'm sure your acquaintance was very happy to have a finished afghan!

Ree Medina said...

Not good??? Are you kidding me, you did a beautiful job!!!
Love you!
xoxoxxx Ree

Sharon-NZ said...

Thats just fabulous wow of course you can crochet wow again