Thursday, March 24, 2011


Obsessions can sometimes be a good thing!
Those of you that know me are already aware that I go overboard on EVERYTHING if it has to do with detail I want to go over the top to make it something really special. Well, I told everyone how I was down about not having work and a bit bored with life in general. I put a post out on FOCD asking if anyone would like to trade a dollhouse for a custom made doll. Well, a very special doll friend is going to trade me!!! :)
I am to say the least 'OVER the MOON' happy about it! In fact I have thought of little else which is a good thing right now. Unfortunately I have not received it yet because of problems getting to post it BUT until I get it I am having so much fun making things without spending any money!!

Here is a sample of a few things that I have been working on. The tiny little candy jars will be going into my mini store. The store will be called 'Shelley's Place' Just like my blogg :) It is actually going to be a toy store. There is a little counter top in the store that will hold the jars of candy. The three larger ones are made from tiny polish bottles and the two tall ones are meant to be earrings. The little bed is for my teenager doll. I'm making a tiny quilt to go on it with a dust ruffle. It's all made from scraps of wood. The tiny cradle was a party favor that was lime green in color and had been broken. The crack was fixed and all painted. Then a little mattress with lace, bows and a blanketed baby. This will be a doll for the doll :) I am also working on a dollhouse to go in the dollhouse! I KNOW! I'M CRAZY!! But I am having sooooooooooooooo much fun with it all. I can't wait until I can start actually working on the house. Every little detail will be PERFECT!! Stay tuned :)

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