Sunday, November 23, 2008

On our way

Well, so far we are not off to a very good start! We caravan from San Diego to Arizona on Friday. My girlfriend was driving her motor home in front of us towing her Jeep like we all do. She completely blew a tire on her Jeep and it literally melted down to shredded rubber.

Saturday we took off to finish the trip by driving the last couple of hours to the camp site in Black Canyon City. Not too far ahead of us there was a fatality involving a motorcycle and two riders. We had to take a different route that took us an additional two hours out of our way. Today is Saturday and we took all eight of the Jeeps out for an all day ride. It was beautiful but our friend leading us on the trail hit a sharp rock with the side of his tire and popped it. Here is a picture of that incident and how beautiful the trail was.

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