Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jady's Shadow

I have a new friend named Ree Madina. She is a wonderful lady and makes adorable dolls. She has two young sons and they all live in Tennessee. Her youngest son Jady inspired me to make this doll which I call 'Jady's Shadow'. She is on her way to him now as a surprise. Here is also a picture of the beginning.


Ree said...

OOOOMMMMGGGGosh!!! I don't think I was suppose to see this yet but I often peek on your blog to see updates on your work and such and EEEEEEEEEE Jady is going to FLIP! Just BEAUTIFUL and yet cool enough to be a guys! LOL.
Oh this is such a beautiful treat and smile! You can bet Jady will be posting soon!
Bunches of squeezes and love!

Ree said...

Miss Shelley,
Jady's Shadow is awesome and really cool! I like it a lot! This is my first real piece of art and I am glad I could help inspire you. Thank you I have it up on my shelf over my bed. I am going to always keep her.

Ree said...

I meant to say afterwards that post was straight from Jady =:o)